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How You Can Customize Your Modular Office for Your Construction Site

Office aesthetics matter. Employees’ physical and mental wellness depends heavily on the overall look and design of an office.

It’s easier to manage the aesthetics of an office when you have a stationary building. You can look for a structure with big windows and high ceilings. But what do you do when you have a mobile office in the middle of a dusty construction site?

A modular office is more than just a mobile office space. It’s a place you can customize to your business needs, making it both functional and visually appealing.

Keep reading to learn how to customize your business’s modular office to fit your needs and desires.

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Creating a Modular Office

Before you begin thinking about light and color in your office, remember the functionality of your office. Establish the things you absolutely have to have in your office, and then design the modular office around those elements.

Your portable office should have the following basics:

  • Office desks
  • Office chairs
  • Storage and shelving
  • Collaborative supplies

These essential elements create the bones of your office. You still have options with these items.

For example, choose office desks specific for a modular office. Look for office desks that convert to conference tables or standing desks. Desks with privacy shields and partitions can help you create cubicles as well.

Ideally, the desk should have removable privacy shields so you can opt for an open concept if that works better for your office.

Office chairs should be durable and of high quality to work well in a mobile office. Just because you have a less expensive office does not mean you should use cheap chairs. Your office employees will need comfortable furniture to do their jobs well.

As far as storage and shelving go, look for the storage that works best for your particular filing system. Storage towers, lockers, and filing cabinets all work well in mobile environments.

Your portable office is still an office where leaders collaborate and solve problems. Thus, you need collaborative materials like bulletin boards, drafting tables, and whiteboards. You also need to include accessories to keep the office orderly such as garbage cans, floor mats, coat hooks, and surge protectors.

After you’ve established these items, start customizing your portable office. You could look for either a new or used office trailer.

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Flexible Floor Plan

Once you’ve established the essentials for your construction site office, you can begin customizing the floor plan. Use expandable parts so you can change up the floor plan for the growing needs of your office. For example, shifting floor plans and retractable walls allow you to change the floor plan according to your workspace needs.

You also have the choice of a single wide or double wide office trailer. The single-wide will fit more easily into a construction site, but a double-wide will give you significantly more room.

Here are a few specific areas you can create with a flexible floor plan to keep your office trailer unique.


Make long days on a construction site more bearable by having a kitchenette. Provide fresh water in a water cooler for employees as well as a place for them to heat up lunch or make some hot coffee.

Space for Delivery and Packing

Use warehouse partition walls to separate the spaces for packing and delivery if that suits your needs. This will help you organize material and give all employees an idea of how many orders are completed at any given time.

Work Zones

An open concept can make people feel a bit overwhelmed because they feel like they’re working on top of each other. Use partitions to create work zones so employees have less noise and clear space for work.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

After you’ve established the layout of your office, you can customize the look and feel of the office with multi-purpose furniture. Look for office furniture meant specifically for a portable office.

  • Folding chairs that store easily
  • Multi-function stools that double as small tables
  • L-shaped desks
  • Double-pedestal desks
  • Drafting furniture

Think about the nature of your work, and look for furniture that best fits that need. Then look for pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose and that fit best into a smaller workspace.

Maintain Space

Office layout and desk arrangement play a major role in employee productivity. Make sure your employees have enough space to work and think in the middle of a busy construction site.

This might be a challenge with a construction site office, so arrange your floor plan and furniture in a way that gives everyone in the office the maximum amount of space they need.

Be creative as well by choosing both comfortable and stylish furniture. Look for colors that match well with your company brand colors to keep the office interesting and in sync with your brand.

For a final touch, add a plant or two to make the office a little homey.

Make Your Modular Office Yours

While the outside of your modular office may look like just any construction site office, the inside can reflect your company’s unique value and work with the right furniture, colors, and layout.

Are you looking for a construction site office? If so, give us a call. We have a wide variety of new and used trailers that will work for your needs.

You can trust our company to provide you with the consultation and information you need to make an informed decision about leasing, buying, or renting a job-site trailer. Our associates take time to listen to customer needs and then meet them where they are.

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