Great question!  Are you looking at long term projects or short term? Are you looking to put one or two on site? You need to have an office trailer of some sort to spread your plans out and organized your days and thoughts. Let’s take a look.

Construction Trailer For Rent Or Purchase


The real advantage to buying a construction trailer is you can customize it to fit your unique needs. If you need a back door going out of your office trailer, you can have it. If you need a shower to refresh yourself before the big boss comes into the site, you can have it.  If you have several large projects slated for over a period of years, you can design it and have it built to your specifications OR if you don’t need anything other than a jobsite trailer for you and a few coworkers; you can purchase a standard model.  The bottom line on purchasing is …..You buy it, it’s yours! While this would be considered a capital expenditure, an outlay of fairly large funds would be necessary and anything that happens to the office trailer after the fact would be on you. Once unhooked from the transport truck and set on the foundation, it is your property.  A break in where doors are sprung, windows busted and possibly vandalized on the outside by spray paint by the locals is something you will be dealing with.

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If you don’t want the headache of the maintenance of owning, renting the used construction trailer may be the way to go. Now, while you feel renting is throwing money into the “vast wilderness of nowheresville”, you may save yourself the headache of being in a distant area with no knowledge of who to call in order to repair an office trailer. You cannot always run to the local hardware store to get door or windows. When you RENT, if you have a problem, typically the rental company has everything it needs in order to repair it on the spot. If not, they’ll likely have another mobile office they can replace it with. Now, some things you will be responsible for and your rental contract will clarify that for you.

Used Construction Trailers For Jobsite Office Space


When you look at cost of rent vs. purchase, look at the length of the job (on renting a construction trailer) vs. the purchase price of the same construction trailer. Do the math and see which is better on the bottom line for that job. Our affiliates can quickly help you with this.