Used Construction TrailerDon’t skip this section. Just because it’s been used, doesn’t mean “trashed”. Matter of fact there are many benefits to purchasing a used unit!

Our affiliates have used construction trailers that have the doors opened and shut quite a few times so they do need some attention….and boy do they get it!! Like anything that is towed and crossing construction sites and rough terrain, the office trailer gets bent, twisted, stretched, strained and comes to its final resting place of the jobsite. After sitting months peacefully, the elements begin to take an effect on the unit. Sun, snow, rain, rodents chewing on wires, birds crashing into windows and wasp building nest in the weather torn cracks; the construction trailers for sale are meticulously inspected throughout.

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Teams of experts that know what to look for on the inside, outside, wiring, flooring, roofing, HVAC unit, windows and doors, axles and tongue can quickly identify and rectify any issues at hand and issues they may see happening in the foreseeable future.

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What do you get with a used job-site trailer?
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Used Construction Trailers For Sale

Get a great price on used office trailers and solve all of your space problems. We are not talking about putting lipstick on a pig. As stated on our About Us page, we want things done right and above board. There is a standard and we adhere to it. We work with the used office trailer companies who make sure exteriors are caulked and riveted where needed, roofing painted to new, exterior painted to new, interior brought back to life, HVAC systems tested and recharged as needed, broken glass replaced, sprung doors repaired or replaced, axle bearings greased, tongues replaced if bent upon removal or placement. Our affiliates and vendors take pride in their products. The service and product reflect each customer’s need. If you looking for a quality used construction trailer for sale, then look no further.


Just pennies of the cost of a new one! If you are on a strict budget, you will want to contact us for a quote of this option. Every size that is available is in stock.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the 5 quotes you receive.

Learn about used mobile offices and portable office trailers for all your sales and project needs. Check out our nationwide inventory from the best suppliers nationwide.

Finding used office trailers could not be easier. Choose from our large fleet of portable offices, classroom trailers, modular classrooms, and storage containers.

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