Conex Box

Steel storage containers, conex boxes, or whatever you’d like to call them, you can find metal cargo containers on any construction job site. Typically these units are shipping containers that have been put to rest by the shipping companies but they have plenty of life in them. They are guaranteed to be water tight so nature’s elements won’t penetrate to your expensive inventory.

Secure Your Valuables!

Steel Shipping Containers are made of a thick grade steel and can safely house anything of value from tools, electrical panels, plumbing supplies, football gear for little leagues, to fragile fixtures that you will be using on the job site.

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There is no limit to what you can put here. The double doors are at ground level with a minimal step up into the unit itself.  Other steel storage container solutions are:

• New & Used Shipping Containers
• 20′ – 40′ Metal Storage Containers
• Metal Cargo Containers
• Steel Shipping Containers For Storage
• Protect Your Property From Theft and Weather

The big question…RENT or BUY? Let our affiliates help with this!   These conex boxes are the Steel storage containerperfect storage solution for your construction job-site or facility. They are also lockable by installing any type of keyed or combination lock set to insure that your stuff remains your stuff. Custom alterations are available.

This is an easy solution for your storage needs.




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