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We help our clients save money on modular space services from the construction market to all phases of commercial, educational, healthcare, and government industries. In other words, Used Mobile Office Trailers can solve all of your portage storage and temporary office space needs! Here you will have access to vendors with different lengths and widths of construction trailers for rent, lease, and purchase. While our partners have a vast network of locations all across the United States, Used Construction Trailers wants to meet our customer’s needs with the most affordable prices on mobile office trailers and portable buildings. We offer easy ways to save and finance the sale of both new and used units as well as renting, maintenance, delivery and setup. As you have reached the Used Construction Trailer site, you will also notice that you have the option to explore  other temporary buildings such as:

Used Construction Trailers For Rent.
Mobile Office Trailers For Sale.
Used Portable Buildings
Steel Storage Containers / Portable Storage Units
Modular Buildings and Portable Classrooms.


In minutes we’ll get you on your way to the most competitive costs on your temporary building and portable office needs. We aren’t just about used construction trailers, but we are about giving you an option to explore the different possibilities you can use at any time during your exploration of finding the right portable or construction trailer for your application. UCT can get you started with all facets of your project. Whether it is a small construction trailer or a large modular building, these mobile office trailers and metal storage containers meet all federal, state, and local codes.

UCT likes to think that if you receive a large or small storage space from us, that it is going to serve as the central nervous system of the construction site. It’s the war room and headquarters of strategic planning and organizing but still needs to be a fully functional work area for individuals within that space. Open or customized space is available at your request.

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It’s well known in this industry that budgets are crucial. That’s the reason for 5 quotes! Give us your specifications and we’ll get you the most economical price quotes from up to five suppliers! Don’t know what size construction trailer or portable office space you need? No problem! We got you covered through our quote consultants. They are well seasoned, personable individuals that know this market and its ups and downs. Just straight talk for straight business.


These portable storage containers and office trailers are OSHA compliant and can be “Barrier Free” (ADA) modified. Ask about accessories such as ramps, steps, and railings that meet these requirements. UCT’s experts work closely with its clients to help guide you through the layout of the best space according to your needs. Our partners’ factories get it right to ensure your specs are met if not exceeded. This is a no-hassle service! We want your business and go to all ends to get it. Promises on time….Quotes on time…Delivery on time…Set Up on time…so you can get your task done ON TIME!

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That’s a pretty bold statement but we believe it! We supply the easiest way to compare cost on construction trailers and portable office space all across the United States in all 50 states. We are affiliated with the best manufacturers and have the best consultants. We have planted our flag and we are at the top in this industry, bar NONE! Let us prove it! Give UCT a shout and watch us help you grow!

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