Compare prices on buying and renting portable buildings for all your storage and temporary office space needs. At certain times in a company’s growth, lack of space can become a problem….but that’s a good problem to have!  When you begin to get overcrowded, it’s time to look into a portable or semi portable building. Portable building

These units have always proven to be a great solution to the space issue. Single wide, double wide or a series on many portable buildings blended together can optimize your space and productivity can continue moving forward and growing.

Applications for these types of NEW and USED portable units are:

  • Portable Classrooms (single or multiple for a complex)
  • Portable Storage Units (Steel Containers)
  • Portable Buildings
  • Medical and Dental Facilities
  • Church Educational Buildings
  • Vehicle Sales Offices
  • Vacation Rental Offices

Floor plans for the smallest portable unit to the largest are customizable to whatever your needs are.

What if you are a new business that has to be very budget conscious? The portable or semi-portable building is the ONLY alternative to the sticks, bricks and mortar building. This isn’t a little sheet metal and rivets, this is fully manufactured to your application by our affiliates and brought you on location! Everything is to building code from steel studs to insulation to electrical and can be set on a solid foundation or skirting whichever you choose.

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While manufactured offsite, the finishes on the interior and exterior will be done on your site. Once the modular unit(s) are shipped and set in place, they are quickly dried in and full attention is given to get them functional. Our affiliates have the expertise and the know how on making these units to have all the amenities and curb appeal that is desired. These units have long life in the permanent and portable application and as far as cost…well,compared to the time and labor of “sticks and bricks”, let our partners show you the difference. You’ll be motivated to try it for real!

Portable buildings for sale


Buy or Lease? There are options to investigate. Will the portable building be set permanent or relocatable? Will you add additional portable buildings later? Is the land yours and if not are you intending to purchase it? Our affiliates have many options to look at, depending on your situation from short term leases to even setting up a “working lease” to minimize the front loading cost. This lease option minimizes your outlay of cash up front and who wouldn’t want to investigate that?


Design your own portable storage building, trailer, barn, or cabin. Rent to own, plus fast delivery & setup.

Tell us about your needs and get the best portable building prices on new and used units for sale or rent.


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