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New Construction Site? How to Find the Perfect Construction Trailers

Starting a new construction project requires lots of planning to do the job efficiently. Construction companies must determine how to keep workers safe on this job site and what tools can best accomplish the job.

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Another thing companies must decide is the type of construction trailers they’ll use. When you’re going to be on a job site for a long period, it helps to have trailers that serve as offices or breakrooms. These spaces provide a place for managers to oversee the job and handle their managerial work.

However, several options for construction office trailers exist. Each of these can provide a portable office ideal for certain conditions. So, how can you choose between them?

If that’s what you’re wondering, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll walk you through the factors that make the best office trailers for your construction site. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Determine Your Project Needs

The first step in choosing construction trailers is to identify your project needs. For example, how long will you be at that job site? How much storage space will you need for tools?


Likewise, consider how much of your time you’ll spend in the office and under what conditions. Will you need air conditioning if it’s summertime? You may need functional restroom facilities as well.

Once you consider these needs, you’ll have an idea of what your office requires. This way, you can find construction trailers for sale that provide all the room you need.

The next stage is to find a trailer that’s big enough to meet the needs of your construction site. We’ll discuss this step in greater detail in the next section.

Finding the Best Size for Construction Trailers

When you look for a modular office, you need a building that is large enough to meet your project’s needs. Usually, the starting point for this is a trailer with 100-150 square feet per person. Bear in mind that some supplier groups include the trailer hitch in the square footage.

The best way to ensure you have accurate measurements is to measure both the interior and exterior of the trailer. This way, you can know how much square footage you can use.

Once you know the size of your trailer, you can start developing a floor plan. Where will your desk go? Where will you store any necessary tools?

Also, ensure your provider can install any necessary amenities in this trailer. For example, you may need electrical outlets to plug in a computer or microwave.

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Do You Have Enough Space for Construction Trailers?

Once you know your trailer size, survey your entire site’s footprint. How much space will your trailer need? How close will it be to critical areas like the site entrance and exit?

Similarly, can you place your trailer near the worksite? Do you need to do this, or can it be further removed?

We’ll give you some dimensions to help make this easier. Let’s say you purchase a standard 40-foot portable office trailer.

If so, a 20-foot tall, 12-foot wide, 100-foot long truck and trailer will enter the worksite to deliver the office. Once it enters, it needs room to navigate to the setup location.

You may think, “Sure, my worksite has room for a trailer that size.” However, that’s not all the space you’ll need. This truck needs an additional 120 feet of ground clearance for unloading the unit.

Finally, you’ll need at least six feet on all sides of the building. This way, you can move around the unit without being too cramped.

Make sure you consult with local governments about the amount of space needed around your trailer. Some governments require more space around the unit.

Make sure you consult with local governments about the amount of space needed around your trailer. Some governments require more space around the unit.

Surveying Your Worksite

The size of your trailer is not the only thing to consider for your worksite. Several other factors may affect the accessibility of your office.

For example, will your office location be accessible for large trucks? Your office may need to receive deliveries or removals. Can a vehicle make it to your site and provide that assistance?

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Another thing to check is the type of surface you’ll place the office on. Different environments may require varying levels of support for the trailer.

It’s often easier to support a trailer on a firm surface like concrete. In contrast, looser ground like gravel often needs more support.

Consider your traffic flow as well. Will your office location cause any traffic jams or backups? Also, will you have enough space for water to drain safely out of the office?

Water drainage is an especially critical issue for your worksite. So, we’ll discuss this factor further in the next section.

Ensuring Effective Water Drainage

Sitting water is a threat to any building. If left unchecked, this water can cause the building’s foundation to soften.

When this happens, the building may shift. So, your office needs an effective water drainage system.

There are two primary options for this. One method is to ensure water drains naturally. Alternatively, you can create a drain that forces the water away from the building (and your work zone).

What If You Need an Office For a Tight Space?

Some worksites may not have enough room for the construction trailers you need. If so, don’t worry! There’s a solution you can use to negotiate this problem.

Stackable modular buildings can help you avoid these problems for the most efficient use of the available space. This method usually assembles your office on-site using a crane.

Find the Construction Trailers You Need!

As you can see, it can be challenging to find the best construction trailers for your job site. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, you can check out our selection to find the trailers you need.

We offer several new and used construction trailers to accommodate your construction project. We also include other products to enhance your trailers and make them more suitable for your space.

So, don’t hesitate! Search our store today to find the trailers you need!

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