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Construction Trailers: A 2022 Buying Guide

Are you wondering how you can provide conducive on-site office space for your construction team?

Building a  temporary office from scratch can be costly. Moreover, you will only use it for as long as the project lasts. And this could be just a few months.

Portable office trailers are the future construction site working space solutions. But if you have never bought one, construction trailers for sale can be intimidating.

If you are not sure of where to start with the office trailers acquisition process, you have come to the right place.

The objective of this guide is to help you make an informed decision when buying a construction office trailer. Here are some guidelines for construction trailer buyers.

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Types of Construction Trailers for Sale

There are two types of jobsite trailers: multi-wide office trailers and single-wide office trailers.

Most construction companies use single-wide portable office trailers. These come with numerous amenities such as cabinets and restrooms. When it comes to assembling, single-wide construction trailers do not demand much.

You also don’t need the trailer company to help you move the single-wide office trailer to another site. Your construction team can handle it.

As the name suggests, multi-wide office trailers have more to offer in terms of width. They have a wide array of advanced features. For instance, you can get numerous partitions, restrooms, storage closets, and flooring options.

When it comes to assembling, multi-wide office trailers are demanding. The trailer company will need more advanced equipment for the setup. And the process will cost you more.

Size of the Construction Trailer

Before you buy a construction trailer, think of the size of your team. How many people will work in the office trailer at a time? The objective is to determine the size of the floor space you need.

Single-wide construction trailer sizes are as follows:

  • 160 square feet (8’x 20’)
  • 224 square feet (8’x 28’)
  • 256 square feet (8’x 32’)
  • 288 square feet (8’x 36’)
  • 400 square feet (10’x 40’)
  • 500 square feet (10’x 50’)

Give each individual a working space of about 100 square feet. Multiply this by the number of people and you will arrive at the right portable office trailer size.

Add some more square feet to your estimation. The goal is to provide a comfortable and spacious working space for your team.

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Duration of Use

How long do you intend to use the construction trailer? Is it a few months or a couple of years?

If you intend to use the office trailer for a long time, liaise with the construction trailer company to fit it with all the necessary amenities. Even if some will be fancy, it will be worth it in the long run.

For short-term use, your approach can be minimalistic. Do not invest in many fancy additions to the portable office trailer. Renting a construction trailer may also make more financial sense.

Also, consider how you want to use the office trailer. Do you intend on moving it from one location to another? If the answer is yes, you need a trailer that’s well put together.

A trailer that requires frequent assembling and pulling down is not ideal for this kind of use. On top of that, purchasing a big trailer is better for long-term use. Your workforce might grow in the future, and you will need the portable office trailer to accommodate them all.

New Construction Trailers or Used Construction Trailers

When investing in an office trailer, think about your budget. Ask yourself whether it suits new or old jobsite trailers.

If you operating with a low budget, you will need to look at the available used office trailer options. For a high-end portable trailer, go for a brand new construction trailer.


You want your team to hit the ground working as soon as the supplier delivers your trailer. But first, you have to identify the best location for it on the site.

The trailer company needs to know what the landscape looks like. Is the ground uneven or flat? This will let them know the kind of tool they may require for setup.

Invite the trailer company to view the set-up site for the construction trailer in advance.


If you plan on keeping several valuables in your construction trailer, security will be crucial. You will need a jobsite trailer that’s lockable.

For this reason, a steel trailer will be the best option. It is hard to break into. And if locked properly, it will provide maximum security for your valuables.

You may also ask the trailer company to fit the office trailer with deadbolt locks. These are hard to bypass. They will keep the office safe from intruders.


You may want to customize your office trailer for various reasons. Look for a trailer company that knows the ins and out of jobsite trailer customization.

For example, you may prefer to remove some partitions from a ready trailer. It could be that you need some cabinets, shelves, and so on. You may not have the expertise to fit these additions in the office trailer.

However, most trailer companies offer such services. You just have to find the right supplier.

Jobsite Trailer Provider

Choosing the right portable office provider is as good as finding the right office trailer. You will want to work with a reputable trailer company. This is a supplier that will provide an honest quote.

Also, look for a supplier with a variety of construction trailers. A trailer company that sells and rents out Jobsite trailers will be a good pick, as you may decide to rent a portable office trailer instead of buying it.

The other important aspects that are desirable include top-notch customer service, great after-sale services, and timely delivery.

Get Your Construction Trailer from the Best Supplier

If you are looking for construction trailers for sale, you now know how to go about the buying process. The next important step is where to buy construction trailers.

At Used Construction Trailers, we pride ourselves on supplying a wide array of used office trailers to our customers.

We offer mobile offices and construction trailers and rentals. Request an instant quote from us today.

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