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Our price quote solutions are available 24/7 to help your company meet the demands of temporary office space and protecting your property. Our complete suite of solutions includes mobile offices and storage units and removes space problems for your business. At Used Construction Trailers, we help you to get the best price by matching your needs up with suppliers in Houston that offer on-site delivery and low-cost financing options. With so many trusted companies like Modspace, Acton Mobile, Pac-Van, and Willscot, there are many options and office trailer brands to shop from. Our goal is to help you get to find what you need from one source that lets you compare the prices from up to five local companies.

Sometimes businesses need short-term office space. You need to be able to operate on-site and have all the tools of a permanent structure available to you. From portable office buildings to mobile classrooms, we are here to help across a wide array of mobile office needs. We connect you with a few of the best office trailer dealers in Houston, TX. Compare Prices for Free!

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Office Trailers in Houston Texas

Dealers Typically Located within 25 miles of these Houston zip codes: 77055, 77002, 77003, 77006, 77021, 77023, 77026, 77008, 77030, 77033, 77011, 77054, 77012, 77029

The Best Prices on Mobile Offices in Houston For Rent or For Sale

The cost for office trailers is contingent upon a variety of factors, but for example, through our service, you may be able to rent a used constructor trailer in Houston for about $140 per month. Of course, for the most accurate quote we need to know a little more about you, and your needs.

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Office Trailer Sizes and Space Calculator:

# Occupants Estimated Sq. Ft Needed Office Trailer Size
1-2 195 Square Feet 8′ x 20′
2-3 285 Square Feet 8′ x 28′
3-5 410 Square Feet 10′ x 44′
4-6 500 Square Feet 10′ x 44′
5-7 650 Square Feet 12′ x 56′
7 to 10 800 – 1,250 Sq. Ft 24′ x 56′
11 + 1,400 Sq. Ft. +

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A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Office Trailers in Houston, TX

Office trailers are a cost-effective and flexible solution for businesses in need of temporary or permanent office space. Houston, TX, is a thriving city with a diverse economy and growing demand for office space. In this article, we will explore the benefits of purchasing office trailers in Houston, as well as discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right one for your business.

  1. Advantages of Office Trailers

a. Cost-effective: Office trailers are typically less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. They can be purchased outright or financed, and they have lower construction and maintenance costs.

b. Flexibility: Office trailers can be easily relocated, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs and locations. This is particularly advantageous for industries with projects that require on-site offices or frequently change locations.

c. Customizable: Office trailers can be tailored to your specific requirements, from size and layout to amenities and design features.

d. Quick Setup: Office trailers can be assembled and ready for use much faster than traditional construction, allowing businesses to get up and running quickly.

  1. Factors to Consider When Buying Office Trailers

a. Size and Layout: Determine the size and layout that best meets your business needs. Consider the number of employees, required office equipment, storage space, and any additional amenities.

b. New vs. Used: Decide whether you want to purchase a new or used office trailer. While new trailers may offer a warranty and modern amenities, used trailers can be more cost-effective and still provide the necessary functionality.

c. Customization: Think about any specific modifications or features you want in your office trailer. This could include additional windows, upgraded insulation, custom flooring, or built-in furniture.

d. Budget: Set a budget for your office trailer purchase and stick to it. Be sure to factor in any additional costs such as delivery, setup, permits, and customization.

e. Local Regulations: Research any zoning or permit requirements in Houston, TX, to ensure that your office trailer complies with local regulations.

  1. Where to Buy Office Trailers in Houston, TX

There are several reputable office trailer dealers in Houston, TX, offering a range of new and used trailers for purchase. Some of the top dealers include:

a. WillScot Houston: WillScot offers a wide selection of both new and used office trailers, as well as customization options and expert advice.

b. Satellite Shelters: Satellite Shelters specializes in modular buildings and provides a variety of office trailers in Houston, TX, with customizable options and reliable service.

c. Mobile Modular: Mobile Modular offers a range of office trailers for purchase, with a focus on sustainable materials and flexible financing options.

d. Acton Mobile: Acton Mobile is a nationwide provider of office trailers, with a strong presence in Houston. They offer competitive pricing and an extensive selection of trailers.

Office trailers are a cost-effective, flexible, and customizable solution for businesses seeking temporary or permanent office space in Houston, TX. By considering factors such as size, layout, budget, and local regulations, you can find the perfect office trailer to meet your needs. Houston offers a variety of reputable dealers to choose from, ensuring that you have access to high-quality products and expert guidance throughout the purchasing process.


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If you prefer not to use our quote engine we recommend you drive over to the trusted dealer, ModSpace, and check out their inventory at:

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